I love filming for many different purposes. Here are some examples of my work.

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I have been working in Barcelona, creating short formats of digital advertising for companies. Contents that business used to promote their services and products.

Interview with CEO of Gotutor - Denmark

Exclusive interview with CEO of GoTutor Mads Christensen. You can read more about this work here.

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Commercial, copenhagen - Denmark

Commercial made for a brand in Denmark, called GoTutor. I worked as a Line Producer, Scriptwriter, Film Director and Film Editor. Click here to watch some supportive content.

“Above Buenos Aires “ - Drone film, Argentina.

Drone Film produced in Argentina, with Threeboys Films crew. I worked as a Film Director and Line Producer.

“reencuentro” - Documentary, argentina.

Short documentary filmed in Patagonia, Argentina. Worked as a Writer, Producer and Co-Director.


Thriller short film filmed in a hotel in Patagonia, Argentina. I worked as a Scriptwriter, Film Director and Producer.