Exclusive Interview with CEO of GoKarakter, Mads Christensen

The most rewarding thing about working within a startup is the possibility of knowing the background story of it’s genesis as a company. To know the reasons, the problems and the solutions that pushed one person to start a new venture.

It would not have been possible to get all these information with another profession. Being a filmmaker, a story-hunter allows me to know people and their stories, to engage with them in an emotional way that it's not possible with others jobs.

I filmed this interview to Mads Christensen, CEO of Gokarakter with the participation of Lisbeth Madsen, journalist who wrote the interview, and who marked the pulses and the flow of it.

GoKarakter, has the vision to help young students in exams periods with targeted tutoring system. The only thing you need is just a phone number and they will do the rest to improve the student’s life quality.

It was a cold morning in Copenhagen, Mads opened the door of his apartment and received us with a warm cup of coffee. We looked the best location to shoot, we put the lighting equipment and we had the perfect angle to shoot it; and of course we were ready to have a great working time!

Lisbeth guided him through the interview intelligently. He got into his past, during his time as a young student. It was in that moment when we finally got into the core of GoKarakter genesis. Mads opened his heart and explained the deeper reason that led him to create his company.

They were many reasons that have changed Mads’life for ever, and inspired others to follow his path during his journey.

We hope to enjoy the complete interview very soon on the Gokarakter channels.